Plán obnovy - short testimonials

About this project

The client brief for this short video series was fairly simple: three brief video testimonials from three different responders, who each vocalize their hope for the future of Slovakia after the COVID-19 pandemic. The turnaround was pretty quick, so each video was shot within the span of about two hours, lit by a single light. It is probably the project I'm most proud of, coming out of 2021, as it carries a strong message both in its meaning and visuals.

The Teacher

My personal favorite video from the three. Simple, effective and elegant.

The Judge

We shot this particular video without prior knowledge of the location. It turned out to be a little more dull than anticipated, but all things considered, we got the most out of it in order to display a clear message.

The Doctor

Shooting in a hospital during the peak of a global pandemic is a daunting task, especially on such a tight schedule, each of these three videos were a great exercise in making the most out of various limitations.

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